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Fixing Scrolling on ASUS C200MA-EDU-4GB

One thing that really bugged me with my new ASUS C22MA Chromebook was the way that track-pad scrolling worked. By default it is exactly the opposite of my MacBook Pro.

Google documents the way to change this, but that was not working on my Chromebook because when I went to the Device section of the Settings because it indicated that no trackpad was found.

As it turns out, the fix is pretty simple. I just switched from the stable channel to the beta channel. After the update completed all was fine.

Switching channels is easy:

  • Click on the status area in the lower-right corner of the screen.
  • Select Settings
  • Click the About ChromeOS link in the upper-right corner of the Settings window.
  • Click the More info… link just below the button labeled Check for and apply updates.
  • Click on the Change channel… button and follow the directions.